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Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Ruth, a 30 year old youth worker who has been employed in the charity sector since leaving university. I have been given a life-changing opportunity to be a part of the 2015/16 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race!

I am on a mission to prove that determination is enough to achieve this dream and I hope you will join me on the journey.  I will need to work hard to achieve the funds required to take part in the Clipper Race and unless I am able to secure financial sponsorship, my dream will be over before it has begun.

Why do I want to take part? Taking part in the Clipper Race will not be easy. I will have to push my body to its physical and mental limits. There are going to be many ups and downs on the journey but I feel that I am ready to take on this challenge, the world and beat them! I want to prove that an ordinary person like me can do this and you don’t need to be a millionaire to take part.

My first sailing experience was when I was 13, on the Norfolk Broads with a sailing holiday for young people called ‘Cormorants’. I cried the night before I went as I was scared I wouldn’t like it…. needless to say that once I got there all was well as I realised how much I loved sailing and returned each year until I was too old to go as a young person. I was then looking for a challenge during my gap year prior to going to university when I decided to try sailing on the sea on a Tall Ship called Stavros S Niarchos. This 10 night sailing trip didn’t start off so well as I got seasick and ended up losing nearly a stone over the trip – you might think this would have put me off but despite the sickness I loved every moment of the trip and since my ‘once in a life time’ trip in 2004 I have sailed over 8000 nautical miles with the Tall Ships Youth Trust.

I now feel my sailing challenge is ready to step up a gear once more by taking on this Clipper Race adventure.

This is the first time in my life that I am putting my dream first. When I am not at work I do a lot of voluntary work and have always done so. For example I am a Brownie leader in Girlguiding (and have been helping with this age group since I was 11) where by I give up my time to ensure that girls are given the chance to thrive and reach their full potential.

I have also been a volunteer crew member with the Tall Ships Youth Trust since being recommend in 2005 and have given over 3000 voluntary hours to enable young people also to share in the amazing sailing experience.

The Clipper Race isn’t for everyone – I am willing to be wet and cold for nearly a year, to be seasick in almost all the seas of the world, to be 2000 miles from anywhere and be hit by waves that could injure me, my team mates or wreck the equipment we need to sail. But this is my dream, I want to take on this challenge and I want to succeed. I want to create memories that will last a lifetime and have stories to tell the world. I want to see stars at night and feel like there is nothing else on earth apart from them, the yacht and the team I am racing with. I want to come home and say I did it, I circumnavigated the globe!

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7 thoughts on “About Ruth”

  1. Fantastic Ruth. I also volunteer on Stavros.

    I didn’t get into sailing until after I was forty two years old. Never to late though and have been on ten voyages and am booked on another for this year, hopefully before it is sold.

    My challenge at age forty was Kilimanjaro and I have never looked back, so you go girl and follow your dreams.

  2. Go girl! I’ve only been a volunteer on Stavvy for 5 years, but have sailed several thousand nm on her. I do hope you realise your dream.

  3. YOU are awesome! I love your determination and will follow you to completion! Best of luck and have the time of your life! Marisa

  4. Brilliant Ruth. You’ll have an amazing adventure and I congratulate you on your courage and determination. I’m too old to say “You go girl” but you know what I mean.
    Jim C. x

  5. Amazing blog, read it from start to finish in one go! What an incredible and inspiring journey you’re embarking on geographically, physically, emotionally and spritually. I can’t wait to follow it through the training and the big race. Good luck and God speed!

  6. Ruth, I met you for the first time last week. You are an inspirational person, warm, able, determined and with a lovely sense of humour.
    I have no doubt you will be an outstanding member of any team and I hope that we are on the same yacht even though I am only doing two legs of this wonderful challenge.
    Whatever path your life takes after this race those who have the pleasure of meeting and working with you will be far richer for the experience.

  7. Ruth, like you I was a Stavvy volunteer which is where I met you. You are incredible and I’ve no doubt you will be an inspiration to many who want to ‘live the dream’. I’ve been lucky enough to have shared some amazing voyages with you ,many of which have left a lasting impression on me. Stay strong,be safe and fair winds. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures along the way. Much love x

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