Departure Scenes

Ruth is now out of communication until Rio, so it’s her Dad filling in for the moment.

Just a few pictures of the scenes in St Katharine Dock on the day of departure, the procession from Tower Bridge, and then the very wet start the following day from Southend Pier.

Huge thanks from us to all who came to support Ruth.

There are daily updates from the skipper and crew on the Team Page of the Clipper Web site.

One thought on “Departure Scenes”

  1. Hi Ruth
    Just back off a good Stravros trip so missed you all leaving for start of race .We did see several of the clipper yachts in the distance on our way to St Malo but don’t know if yours were among them. Anyway just wanted to wish you luck and hope you have an exciting first leg.
    Stay safe
    Carole x

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