Fundraising Events

This page details any fundraising events that are taking place to support Ruth in taking part in the 2015/16 Clipper Race.

Quiz night and Auction

A massive thank you to everyone who supported the event which took place on Friday 28 November. To the most amazing team for making it all possible and everyone who came along and took part. I couldn’t have dreamed that the final total would be as high as it is, and I am utterly grateful for each and every penny.

In total, the evening has raised a whopping £2001.39 which equates to sending me another 1601.1 miles on my journey.

‘Float your boat’ fundraising competition

Many thanks to all of you who bought boats for this competition – you have helped me raise another £302.50 towards my fundraising total!
The winners for this competition are as follows:

In the ‘furthest from home’ category the winning boat managed to travel a whopping 7589 miles to Kalasey Beach, Menado Bay, North Sulawesi, Indonesia! Well done to 9 year old Julien for winning this category.

Julien North Sulawesi 7589 miles

There are two winners in the ‘most unusual’ category with a under 18 and adult winner (many thanks to my independent judge, Rosie, for picking these).

The under 18 most unusual category has been won by 7 year old Ethan, who took his boat on an adventure in a Boeing 777 British Airways training flight simulator at Heathrow Airport where he attempted to land on the runway 17R at Denver.

Ethan Age 7 unusual winner

The adult winner goes to Sally who managed to float her boat in the shadows of one of the Clipper Race Yachts when they were at St Katherine’s Dock in London following the 2013/14 race.

Sally unusual winner


Winners will receive a postcard during the 2015/16 Clipper Race and the winning photos will be put onto a t-shirt that sails round the world with me.

Thanks for taking part!

One thought on “Fundraising Events”

  1. Hi Ruth,

    I’ve been taking pictures of the little boats I bought. Great fun, and my sister and I were falling about laughing as we tried to find locations etc. The number of times we nearly lost the boats was crazy. They got caught by the wind, fell overboard, or just fell over and wouldn’t stay upright. We glued them, stuck sticks up them, jammed them in to crevices – all sorts of indignities so as not to lose them! We also kept attracting crowds of onlookers wondering what on earth we were up to. I hope you like the pix we’ve sent you- and thank you for all the entertainment you caused us, we’ve loved every minute! Sarah at Middle Temple.

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