New Skills

Although I am yet to set foot on a Clipper Race yacht I have already begun to develop new skills – some of which I never thought I would need to go sailing!

Needing to raise 50K has meant I have taken a long hard look at my spending and am now focusing on budgeting each month. Those of you who have known me for a while will be glad to know that gone are the days of the ‘if the card isn’t refused it’s ok’ philosophy to life.

You are reading this, which means I’ve mastered wordpress! Although I have had to update websites in my job, this is the first time I have written a blog all about me. I hope that you are enjoying reading what feels like a conversation with myself as I type!

I have managed to see shops in a different light. I see everything in miles. No longer is that pair of shoes at £30 an offer not to be missed but it is in fact equivalent to 24 miles of my journey. This also means I have stopped getting alerts to online sales for my favourite shops too!

French braiding
I realise that 11 months as sea is going to be a challenge and will take its toll on many parts of my body. However I have taken it upon myself to help prevent major damage by increasing my fitness levels and also learning how to French braid my own hair! You may think this is an odd skill to achieve but as the ability to wash my hair is going to be limited, plus the wind swept factor, I have found that putting two French braids in my hair helps to control both these things. I now have until the race start next summer to perfect this skill without the need for a mirror.

Seize the opportunity
Every conversation I have with new people could potentially be the one that helps boost my dream. This could be because friends help come up with creative fundraising ideas, that new people I meet might bring with them openings to new avenues or as simple as introducing a swear box in the office to help boost funds!

Turning dreams into reality
Now I’m not sure this is skill development, more extended gratitude and thanks to all. Every day my dream of sailing round the world is coming closer, not only because the days are moving on but through the kind support of family, friends and strangers. I am so excited that I am getting to have this opportunity, and have been touched by the kind words many of those who have donated have sent me.

For some, I am living their dream also as for various reasons they themselves are not able to take on this challenge. To those people that this refers to, I give you an extra special thanks and hope that through this blog I will be able to share this entire journey with you.

I also hope that I am able to inspire others to follow their dreams and to see that what some people might say is the impossible is in fact possible.

Please do consider supporting me if you can – £1.25 equals one mile of my journey and it really is the case of every little helps. If you shop online then by going through my easyfundraising site ( you can support me at no extra cost to yourself – since setting this up in March I have raised £36 this way.

Many thanks for your support!